2017 First Grade Homework


Work that is not completed will go home with your child daily.  Also, if your child needs extra support mastering a skill he/she may have homework to reinforce the skill.  Please check your child's folder daily.

  • play card games
  • play dice games
  • practice basic math facts with flashcards
  • practice reading and spelling the HFW/Trick Words
  • READ with your child for enjoyment daily 

High Frequency/Trick Words Assessment

  •  There will be no more assessments this school year 

Cold/Hot Reads- Cold/Hot Reads will continue through May 26th

  • Practice reading the passage that goes home on Monday daily.
  • The goal is to read the passage fluently 
  • Students are tested on Monday for the cold read and again on Friday after they have practiced at home during the week.
  • Progress is graphed for students to see :)