Unit 4/ Level 2
Planned Unit Time - 2 Week
Assessment - October 20th, 2017


In a Nutshell

    • Review Suffixes: -s, -es, -ed, -ing
    • additional sounds of -ed suffix /d/, /t/
    • comparison suffixes: -er, -est
    • spelling procedure for words with suffixes
    • forming plurals
    • forming present and past tense
    • categorizing vowel and consonant suffixes
    • oa, oe, ow, ou, oo ue, ew
    Sample Words- 

boxes, bosses, softest, taller, colder, frogs, stronger, hills, lifts

Trick Words

again, please, animal, sure, use, used

There is not an actual list for your child to memorize. The words presented during the test include the phonics skills that have been presented and worked on during the lesson.

All students must earn a grade of 80% to consider the skill mastered(if this grade is not reached the student will continue to work on the skill(s) until he or she has mastered them).



Reading Street


Unit 1 Week 4
Unit Start Date - October 16, 2017    5-7 Days to Complete
Unit 1, Week 4