**Read each night for 20 minutes.
**Study for Fundations test.

NEW:  Beginning Monday, 10/2/17, your child will be doing COLD/HOT reads at school.  He/she will be bringing home a passage that they read on Monday mornings (COLD read), timed for one minute, with a parent volunteer or classroom teacher.  They should practice this passage at home as often as possible to increase their fluency.  They will be read it again at school on Fridays (HOT read), timed for one minute.  

Research has proven that repeated readings of familiar texts increases students' oral reading fluency.  

Repeated readings will also increase your child's confidence as they will graph their progress and see their work pays off with practice :)

Study for spelling....phonics skills should be practiced using sample words as examples and trick words need to be practiced and memorized.


Any other homework at this time will be given on an as needed basis for a skill that your child may need extra help with and/or work that was not completed during the school day.