Beginning the week of January 2nd, your child will be bringing home a Homework Folder each Friday.  The folder should be returned to school on the following Thursday will completed homework inside.
Directions for math and reading are attached to the homework folder.

They will continue to have their COLD/HOT read to practice as well.

Research has proven that repeated readings of familiar texts increases students' oral reading fluency.  

Repeated readings will also increase your child's confidence as they will graph their progress and see their work pays off with practice :)

Study for spelling....phonics skills should be practiced using sample words as examples and trick words need to be practiced and memorized.


Math sheets will also be going home in your child's homework folder and should be returned on Thursdays.  

***If at any time your child cannot complete the homework, please jot a note to me and place inside the homework folder so that I can go over it with them.  We understand that life is busy and homework does not always get completed, however it is important that they do their best as they will be receiving homework in the third grade as well.